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In this Post: Massage for Massage Therapists, how novel is that!

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There it was: a CBS MarketWatch story raving about how the stock of trade schools career colleges rose dramatically in The article listed the "10 hottest fields," and guess what? Massage therapy is the top training program being added to trade schools. Hey colleagues, we're one - in trade schools - which brings us to the question: "Is the practice of massage therapy a trade or a profession?

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When your therapist is also your friendthat dual relationship can make it difficult to maintain professional boundaries. Familiarity can create different dynamics in the relationship, which can change the quality of your massage.

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The most difficult aspect of trading is learning how to maintain a quality service exchange with your trade partner, while not allowing your friendship to affect the outcome of the exchange. A sense of inequality can occur in situations, such as when your trade partner frequently cancels your appointment or you are giving more treatments—or better-quality services—than you services you receive.

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If you are trading with another massage therapist, for example, even though you receive a massage for giving a massage, there is not a receipt or redistribution of money to express the value of the exchange of the massage. To keep a nonmonetary exchange of services feeling valuable, the approach that seems to work best is to trade straight across, dollar for dollar.

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A trade situation that is equal in its value is important for the trade to work correctly. If you charge more for a session than the person you trade with, a portion of the massage you give them really is free.

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While you do not have to pay actual money for a trade, there are some people who feel like they lose income or control of their finances when trading. While you could trade for almost any type of service, from automobile repairs to marketing advice, sometimes you can trade yourself right out of having any actual income. I have found this to be the healthiest solution for myself, to maintain a certain level of income while being comfortable with my trade situation.

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Over-trading leaves me feeling like I am always in debt to someone, which is not a healthy feeling for me. Many trade situations end because one or more professional boundaries get hazy or crossed.

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For example, when the trade changes from feeling like a client-therapist relationship to feeling like you are having lunch with a friend. It is easy to lose boundaries with someone who becomes a client-friend, and you must be vigilant in your efforts to keep healthy boundaries.

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Some things to remember or that may need to be re-established with someone you currently trade with are:. A good trade should have equal and similar approaches to professionalism, even if your techniques are completely different from those of your trade partner. What is not different is that you and your trade partner should treat each other with the same professionalism you do a regular, paying client. If your trade partner treats you differently because there is no actual exchange of money, then you need to either talk to this person about this problem or end the trade agreement.

This feeling could also be a that the trade relationship is not healthy for you and it is time Trade massage for a change. There are no easy ways to change or end a trade relationship, but by approaching the situation with honesty, you can find a solution.

Your trade partner will want to know why you no longer want to trade in the manner you have been, and the conversation might be uncomfortable. Your trade partner may be feeling the same way, and this conversation could create an opportunity for growth and a continued relationship.

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This can reset some healthy boundaries and help you maintain your relationship with this person, while possibly regaining a certain level of service. This can also provide the opportunity to gently end your relationship, as it enables you the choice of frequency at her table.

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You may be open about your feelings, but realize that few relationships survive that kind of openness, especially when it is perceived as possible rejection. Sometimes a healthy solution involves ending a relationship. In all circumstances, maintain professionalism and refrain from speaking negatively about a past trade experience.

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Remember that a trade should always leave you feeling respected, balanced and equal in the services you offer each other. Above all, be selective about who you trade with to ensure a healthy, professional relationship and positive trading outcome. Massage Envy Ltd.

More research on infant massage shows the numerous benefits to both child and parent. For many massage therapists, trading massage sessions for other services can be enjoyable and effective. However, trade relationships can present unique challenges.

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Infant Massage Benefits More research on infant massage shows the numerous benefits to both child and parent.