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Solutions can vary from dialogue and simple education to more extensive counseling around complex or longstanding issues.

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Our therapists can be flexible to meet your needs in this time and are here to help you. Don't be shy. Feel free to ask for what you want Keep it short, words or less, this is just an initial contact. Remember to double check your return address or your phone if you prefer to be called.

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For one thing, Jane Eyre opens with a girl at the center of its action. And this girl is a dynamic and well-rounded protagonist with a depth, voice and independent spirit that were groundbreaking for the time.

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As grown-up Jane narrates her story, readers journey with young Jane through girlhood. They feel what she feels as she experiences the sting of abuse, the devastation of loss, the joy of friendship and the empowerment of education. They watch how these experiences shape Jane into a young woman who faces messy adult situations with resolve and integrity. Jane Eyre stands as one of the earliest and most prominent examples of a coming-of-age story with a female protagonist, and it is still considered by some to be one of the greatest novels ever written.

These stories have captivated audiences spanning generations and nationalities.

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Perhaps these stories still speak to audiences today in part because they remind readers of what it means to be a girl. A girl can be imaginative and creative. A girl can overcome loss, abuse, neglect or public humiliation. A girl can learn to forgive. A girl can develop skills and abilities. A girl can think and analyze.

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A girl has the potential to grow into a strong woman. Too often, girls are treated as burdens, as sexual objects or as machines purposed solely for physical labor and child-bearing. Yet as girls learn of their value in the eyes of their Creator—and as they gain access to education, justice and financial stability—they are once again able to live as the protagonists in their own stories.

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In developed areas, most girls enjoy relative stability. They go to school, eat nutritious food, enjoy hobbies, play sports and hang out with friends.

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But in many developing parts of the world, girls struggle to survive. Though girls in different regions may face different challenges, girls throughout the world face abuse, neglect, discrimination, trafficking and child marriage, even in the most economically stable and educated nations. From womb to tomb, girls in South Asia face enormous challenges in life, including abandonment, parental neglect, abuse, discrimination, under-education, child trafficking and child marriage.

For Ruth, it led to a entire childhood marked by abuse just because she was born female. For thousands of other girls, it robs them of experiencing any life at all.

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Throughout her childhood, Ruth was treated cruelly by her parents. One day Ruth finally got the courage to ask her parents why they mistreated her. Ruth had three older sisters, and her parents desperately wanted a son.

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They even sold a field to give an offering to a priest of their traditional religion so he would intercede for them to have a son. When Ruth, a fourth girl, was born instead, her father was furious—and he unleashed that resentment on Ruth throughout her growing-up years. For Ruth, it led to hood marked by abuse. For thousands of other girls, it robs them of experiencing life at all: Girls face their first threat in the womb. This has made sex-selective abortion a devastating problem around the world.

Perhaps some people still fear having too many girls because they expect daughters will earn less for the family and will require a dowry payment upon marriage. Perhaps others simply value boys more. At the height of the gender imbalance inboys were born in China for every girls, according to Chinese population figures.

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After giving birth to two baby girls, Sukhwinder's in-laws pressured her constantly to abort her third child, fearing it would be yet another daughter. When a girl survives to childhood, she faces another great hurdle: gaining an education. An education greatly changes what choices she may have in the future. Without one, a girl may never learn to read or write. She may never be able to understand street s, shop s or business contracts.

She may never get to choose her own career or spouse. She may never be able to help her children get an education themselves. Though these girls live in the slums of South Asia, they have the privilege—unlike many other slum children—to learn through GFA's Bridge of Hope Program, which gives them school supplies, a school uniform, daily meals and ongoing education, medical checkups and hope for a brighter future.

Sometimes they struggle just to put food on the table, and they deem it necessary to send some children to work to support the family.

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According to a report from Malala Fund and the World Bank, the repercussions of not educating girls are serious. They also risk ending up in unstable marriages where they are abused or disrespected, and they risk raising daughters who remain in the same vicious cycle. The report found that girls who receive only a primary education face similar challenges to women who receive no education at all. They are just as likely to marry and have children before age 18, and upon entering the work force, they earn only 15 percent more. When girls miss out on an education, especially due to child marriage, human trafficking or forced labor, they miss opportunities for independence and financial stability, and risk perpetuating the same cycle of exploitation to subsequent generations of girls.

Because of international sponsors though, these Bridge of Hope students in South Asia receive daily meals, school supplies, medical care, and an ongoing education that gives them the opportunity for a much brighter future. Robbing girls of education has contributed to another global problem for girls: child marriage.

InUNICEF reported there were million child brides worldwide, including girls under age 18 who were already married and adult women who married in childhood. In some communities, child marriage remains prevalent due to poverty and deep-rooted attitudes toward girls and women.

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This narrow view often causes families to perceive their daughters as financial liabilities who must be married off so a husband can provide for them. Child marriage subjects girls to undue physical and mental stress. It gravely endangers their health, as it often pushes girls to bear children while in their teenage years.

Many child brides already suffer from malnourishment, and the added strain of childbirth threatens their lives—and the lives of the babies they bear. Malnourished or unhealthy mothers often rear malnourished or unhealthy babies. Even worse, their babies may not even survive to term. Ridhima was married off at the age of 12 and became pregnant only a few months later. Ridhima learned this by experience. On top of the verbal abuse from her mother-in-law, Ridhima faced physical abuse from her alcoholic husband.

Child marriage not only robs girls of their childhood and endangers their health but also potentially limits and destabilizes their future. Then, if their husbands mistreat them, abandon them or pass away, these women may have very few ways to provide for themselves and their children, which may leave them susceptible to exploitation.

The 11 year-old girl was married to her 22 year-old cousin. According to official stats, in 5. Photo by France24, The Observers. Corinne Redfern, a writer for The Telegraph, describes a disturbing trend in Bangladesh. Redfern interviewed several teenaged girls who had been forced into marriage when they were as young as 11 or When these girls tried to escape physical and sexual abuse, they were deceived and sold to brothels.

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These teenagers now face more sexual and physical abuse, and see no alternative life for themselves. So I said I was The demand for child brides increases where gender-biased abortion leaves communities with a low ratio of men to women. Girls become a commodity to be secured. This problem is most severe in China, where bride trafficking has ensnared women and teenage girls from neighboring countries, such as Pakistan, Myanmar and North Korea.

Often these girls and women are kept locked in rooms and raped, as their new husband and his family expect them to bear children. Admira is one of the millions of girls in Mozambique who became child brides — a reality which often forces girls to drop out of school and begin families long before they are physically or psychologically ready. Photo and Story by Plan International.

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They tried to run away twice, but they were caught and locked in a room. Eventually, Phyu and Nyo both gained access to the internet. They beat her. Bride trafficking makes up only a small percentage of the trafficking of girls, a trade that has grown rapidly in recent decades.

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After the death of her father, Ashmita was sent to live with a family as a servant, at the age of This life of servitude became a living nightmare for her. When many think of trafficking, they imagine a woman or teenage girl being forced to work in a brothel. While this does make up a large percentage of cases, the trafficking of girls can take a variety of forms.

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For some, like Ashmita, it means working as a domestic servant.